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United Way of Randolph County
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Timeline for a Successful Campaign
4 – 5 weeks before the campaign
  • Meet with your CEO
  • Talk with previous campaign coordinator
  • Talk with executive director at the United Way of Randolph County
  • Request pledge forms/cards from the United Way office
  • Recruit your campaign team
  • Analyze your past campaign 
3-4 weeks before the campaign
  • Meet with your team
  • Set your goals & objectives
  • Set your dates/times and tell United Way of Randolph County 
  • Review all campaign resources
  • Plan your special events
  • Schedule United Way speaker
One week before campaign
  • Personalize pledge forms
  • Send out endorsement letters
  • Promote your campaign
Week of Campaign
  • Confirm meeting location and time
  • Connect with United Way of Randolph County
  • Conduct special events
  • Hold company meetings
  • Start meeting ON TIME!
  • Introduce program/agenda
  • Acknowledge management support
1 – 2 weeks after the campaign
  • Follow up on pledge forms
  • Report results promptly to United Way of Randolph County
  • Report results internally
  • Analyze your campaign with your team
  • Say Thank You
  • Start a year-round communication program   

Hint: Determine how you will distribute the brochure and pledge forms. Are you handing them out at the meeting or do you have another plan for distribution?


20 minute campaign meeting agenda

1-2 weeks earlier, send an invitation from the CEO to all employees stating the purpose of the meeting.
Distribute personalized pledge cards and brochures at the beginning of the meeting.

1 min.    Coordinator’s opening remarks
4 min.    CEO or management provides statement of corporate support and encourages participation.
5 min.    United Way of Randolph County representative communicates United Way’s community impact message.
5 min.    Agency speaker
5 min.    Coordinator: Make the ‘ask.’ Invite the audience to join you in making a difference in people’s lives by giving to the United Way of Randolph County.

Describe incentive
Encourage Payroll Deduction
Thank audience
Pick-up pledge cards

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